About Us


DJ DXTR (pronounced : DJ Dexter) is born and raised in a very small town on india called mandvi. DJ DXTR is a stage name, real name is Bhavesh Khakhla. got interest in electronic dance music at 15 year old age. the first electronic dance music song that catched the interest was don't you worry child by swedish house mafia.

When started to know more about electronic music, a random video got encouraged more to pay interest in that. that video was ultra music festival hardwell performance 2013. after looking at such awesome vibes bhavesh got more attracted to EDM music and started to get more and more information about EDM.

And this is how DXTR's music journey begins. DHRMK was the first person to help him out and took a stand to help in many ways. The first track of DJ DXTR was a collaboration with DHRMK. And after that first release, his music journey started up. And still He's working day and night to provide quality sounds to his listeners.

“Don't live in dream, Live the dream”
Bhavesh Khakhla